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First fruits from my fruit garden

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

some gooseberries and some redcurrants.


They are now in the freezer awaiting more to join them later. I’m now starting to think about all the yummy preserves, fruit juices, crumbles, cakes and biscuits I hope to make this year from all the different fruit growing in my garden.

How’s everyone else’s fruit gardens coming along?

(Christine E.) #2

Mmm, lovely,Eileen! I’ve just made a fruit salad with the first of our raspberries (the other ingredients were from Sainsbury’s, though).
We had our best crop of cherries ever and managed to keep the birds off. We ate some of them but when we came to pick the rest, we found they were infested with grubs :open_mouth: Looked up online what they might be and found they don’t actually live in this country…perhaps we’re the beginning of some foreign cherry plague!
Hope everyone else is having better luck with their crops!..

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Oh no Christine :open_mouth: My cherry tree has hardly any cherries on it :frowning:
But it appear I’m going to have a bumper harvest of raspberries this year.

2 of the 3 pear trees appear to be doing well.

I need to check the lexton and the cox apples trees though.

I see fruit on both the greengage and the Victoria plum. I just hope the wasps don’t get to them this year.

(Stephanie Pearce) #4

We’ve finally given up growing veg as a certain four legged friend takes great delight in snacking on the peas, beans etc :smile:

He’s also partial to the (baking) apples off the tree and last year I think we managed to get three and he ate all the rest!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #5

I have redcurrants too and I get tons every year. I’m not as adventurous as you so I make redcurrant sorbet which does help to ease the sweet craving when I am on a strict idea. I love them, as well as my lillies, as they are the only plants I literally do nothing for, other than water, and they come back every single year !!! :smile:

(Melanie Commins) #6

Those look delicious, I love red currants!

Just nibbled on our first few strawberries tonight. Lots more happily ripening out there so hopefully we have some nice warm weather to hurry them along.

(Christine E.) #7

There are several houses round here that have damson trees in their front gardens- it really frustrates me to see the squashed fruit all over the pavement!

(Karen Ellam) #8

I have a lovely crop of strawberries this year. :stuck_out_tongue: