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First Sale Today!

(Louise Jones) #1

Hello everyone,

I had my first sale on here today! Sold one of my triangle necklaces. I am so excited. I think this is a bit normal but in my little brain I am starting to worry she wont like it. Did anyone else feel like this after their first sale?

Lou x

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Yes, its a crafters curse. Just trust that your work isnt mass produced and you paid attention to detail and your design is unique.

Well done on your sale. Allow yourself to feel good about it.

(Diane Keeble) #3

Well done :slight_smile:

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #4

Well done :slight_smile:

(Silvapagan) #5

Well done for the sale! :slight_smile:

(Louise Jones) #6

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

(Helen Clifford) #7

Great start! First of many I hope!

(Sue Mellem) #8

Congratulations on your sale

Try to make your photos and descriptions as clear as possible so that the buyer knows what they are getting, then there’s absolutely no reason for them not to like it but yes, I always worry too!

(Elaine) #9

Congratulations - I’m sure there’ll be many, many more.

Yes, every time I worry lol.

(Louise Jones) #10

Glad its not just me who worries loads then. :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #11

Congratulations on your first sale.
I still worry and hope and pray the customer is happy with their purchase.
I think it comes with putting our hearts and souls into what we make.


(Debbie Gill) #12

Well done! I still experience that mixture of excitement/nervousness with every sale! :smile:

(Sue Beacham) #13

Hi Lou

My name is Sue, I joined Folksy a yesterday and setting up my shop, I am in my 60s and I sew and paint, I found you on Talk Folksy and I can see that you joined in December and that you have had a sale, well done.
I am still finding my way and trying to understand how to set up shop and be successful, folksy recommend getting involved and meeting other shop keepers, so that’s why I have come to you Lou, I love your shop and I am going to put you in my favourite’s. If there is anyway you can help me I am looking for some advice on how to communicate on the forum page, how do I do that, no worries if you can’t help me being new your self.

You are the first person I’ve emailed to and I hope we can be friends, my shop is

please look me up and read my profile, I love meeting people and your my first here on Folksy

I wish you continued success Lou

Kind Regards Sue

(Louise Jones) #14

Hi sue,

I emailed you back from my iphone, just wondering if you got the reply?


(Sue Beacham) #15

Hi Lou, no I didn’t receive your email, never mind, I have received this one, its good to be on folksy, everyone is so helpful and kind, I am hoping to sell on folksy and that people like my work enough to buy, I am coming to your shop on the 25th of January Lou to buy, I want some new Jewellery for my holiday to Lanzarote 1st February, getting some winter sunshine.

all the best sweetie and I will promote your shop and keep in touch

Sue x

(Louise Jones) #16

Thats a shame it was quite a long reply really. I can see that your getting on ok with the forums so the advice I had would be a bit late now as your doing everything I would have suggested. Its lovely to meet other sellers on here and to feel a bit like part of a community, and its nice to know everyone else is the same when it comes to our worries over sales etc. Nice to speak to you and good luck.


(Sue Beacham) #17

Thanks Lou, see you around, I will come to your shop to buy on payday, I love your Jewellery and could do with some new ones.

have a good evening Lou


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #18

Hi lounge
Well done on your first sale.
It’s very exciting when it happens. I’m like you.and everyone else get so nervous about if they will like what iv made.
All my friends tell me off for it.

I hope you get many more sales in the future.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #19

Ops just seen what my mobile did to your name. It automatically changes words it’s very annoying

(Louise Jones) #20

ha ha auto-correct on mobiles, Iv had a few incidents when I have been texting people with auto-correct! I think anyone who is creative always worries that their art/crafts are not good enough, and have the nerves when someone buys something.