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Google Analytics - can anyone give me a quick step by step

(Joy Salt) #1

Out of interest and because I don’t want to ask the customers as I don’t know them…
I’ve sold 2 pieces this afternoon and would love to see via Google Analytics how they got to the listings they bought.
Did they come

  • via my Facebook page - but the pieces they bought were both listed in July so it’s a long way to scroll down my FB page to find them on there -
  • via a Google - the Bicycle certainly would pop up straight away if you search Bicycle Suncatcher but the other is a bit more random
  • via my Folksy Joysofglass and a browse to see what I have
  • via Craftjuice
  • via my webpage

Lots of options but I would love to know how they got to the things they bought.
I’ve had a play in GA but to be honest have no idea which button to click from all those menus down the side, then sub-menus, options etc.
I’ve set the date to today only but beyond that I could just do with a click list
i.e How do I get to the landing page / path for 2 specific things sold today.

If anyone knows how would love to know too… :slight_smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #2

Crikey…here goes…
Once you’ve customised to todays date…
you should see demographics (under the map - a window to the left).
Under this select city - this will then give you a list of all visits.
Click on full report - found bottom right under city list.
Once this is up there is a window just above the list which says secondary dimensions.
Under this you’ll find lots of stuff, like Behaviour which has landing page - showing you what folk came in on.
Under Acquisition you’ll find traffic source…
Play around with the windows and the left list, there’s lots of info there.
Hope this helps…

(Jo Sara) #3

Another thing you could do for future info is add a questionnaire to your paypal checkout. I’ve got one on mine asking how they found me and giving a few selections like ‘search engine’, ‘social media’ etc. You don’t always get it filled out, but some customers do and it saves having to look up how they got to you :smile:

Instructions on how to set it up (hope these are still right, it’s been a while since I did mine) -

(Joy Salt) #4

Thanks Jo Sara. I’ll look at that.
I often can tell where they’ve come from but was interested today as there’s a discussion going on on here about bad sales because of Folksy front page and my argument is that most of my customers don’t go via Folksy front page.

Joy xx

(Joy Salt) #5

Thanks Gary / Heather. Thank very much actually as
I’ve had a play as directed and got a lot further than I’ve ever got before… :slight_smile:

There are just too many buttons. Just when you think you have it sussed they add more !

I conclude that the Bicycle came in via a referral from to my own website from where it is only a quick hop and you’re into my Folksy page as I’ve Folksy links all over the place.

The Colourwheel almost certainly came via Pinterest / Google / My Joysofglass website - how they came across it on Pinterest in the first place I’ve no idea - it has no comments or likes on my Pinterest page but it is interesting to see that that is a source isn’t it. Not one I listed above anyway.

One day when I’ve nothing to do (:slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) I’ll sit down with GA and work it all out - until then I’ll keep hitting buttons until it tells me something or other.


(Jo Sara) #6

I’ve just been on that thread agreeing with you too :wink:

(Little Ramstudio) #7

We have both our venues linked up to it and it has proved really useful for marketing purposes.
Very odd when you track someone coming in on Folksy, then trotting over to Etsy and then buying it!

(Liz Clark) #8

My brain just melted…he he

(Elaine) #9

I know this posting was back in October, but I saved the link for a when I had a spare 1/2 hour to browse it - which is what I’ve just done, armed with a cup of tea! Such a big help, thank you so much. I used to look at GA for both shops fairly regularly, but gave up as it was such a minefield. Your directions have helped me explore a bit further. Thank you :smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #10

Now you’ve got the hang of it you can really explore it, enjoy :smile:

(Earth And Air Jewellery) #11

My brain melts at the mere mention of Google Analytics. But I’ve finally had a substantial enough volume of sales that it may actually be worth analysing so I really should get on with learning.