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Grab a bargain!

SPECIAL OFFER - today only! Buy one, get one free on all of my little Medieval mice. These would make a great and very inexpensive gift for a teacher or as a little gift for children’s parties. Buy one and just send me a message to let me know which one you want free.
Please note that it is only the mice in the picture below that are on offer.

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What size are these, Martine?

Most of them are 27cm. The young mice are 20cm. They are a real bargain. Ridiculous price really. It’s just that I’m not making the historical mice anymore and I want to make space in my store cupboard for new lines. They have been selling at 5x the price in local shops. Great little gifts for all sorts of occasions.

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What a great offer, Martine! I’ve just bought one, and I’m wondering whether to get another (Grandaughter 10 in two weeks- obviously she’s “ordered” some things like PompomWow(?!) but there’s nothing like a surprise and she’ll love these…)

I’ve decided to extend the offer on the Medieval mice until Friday. 2 have already sold but the others are still on offer, if anyone is interested. I’ve also reduced quite a few of the other historical mice in my shop - only because I’m not doing this line anymore. So grab a bargain while you can!

Some sold but quite a few little bargain mice left - on offer until Friday

These little Tudor mice are now only £6.99. Lots of other mice on offer too.