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One day sale offers

(Martine Brumwell) #1

I’ve decided to put one item from my shop on offer each day and wondered if anyone wanted to join me.
Today’s item is a strawberry cottage cushion with a little mouse in the front pocket. Normally £18 - reduced for one day only to £15.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Great idea, and I love the strawberry cushion!

(Kelly) #3

Love your strawberry cushion Martine @MaisyMuffin

I’ll join in with you, my offer is 3 for 2. Purchase any 2 packs of tags and receive the 3rd pack (of your choice) for free. Please leave note of the product number during checkout (ie. T020). Lower priced item free. x

(CopperTobi) #4

I’m here just 2 days, I like your idea :slight_smile: Will join as soon as my shop fills up with items :slight_smile: Wish you lots of sales! By the way your cushion is very cute!

(Martine Brumwell) #5

My special offer for Thursday is this pretty Forget-me-not dress to fit a child aged 3. The dress is made from best quality cotton and has a belt trimmed with felt forget- me- nots. Now reduced to £15.

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(Martine Brumwell) #6

For some reason yesterday’s offer didn’t load and today’s offer sold before I had the chance to put it on here but I’ll post another item tomorrow.

(Martine Brumwell) #7

Saturday’s Special Offer
Today’s offer is Violet Louise in her pretty velvet trimmed dress and hat and exceptionally pretty cream silk shoes. Reduced from £29 to £24 for one day only.

(Martine Brumwell) #8

Sunday’s special offer is Sophia in her pretty yellow dress with matching hat. Both dress and hat have a fruit basket motif and the dress fastens at the back with little dragonfly buttons. Sophia’s shoes are gorgeous and fasten with little flower fasteners. Reduced for one day only from £29 to £25.

(Martine Brumwell) #9

Monday’s special offer - Orchard Cottage is the home of Tansy Oakwood, a little Metro Mouse in a cute little jump suit and a straw hat. Tansy’s cottage is made from high quality quilting cotton in a lovely apple green with a roof and shutters covered in little orchard fruits. The cushion is labelled on the back and has a cute little pocket in the door, which is just the right size for Tansy.
Reduced for one day only from £18 to £14.99

(Hazel Rayfield) #10

today I’m offering this Pair of A4 retro dress pictures at just £15 for the two … Bargain !!!

Would look great in a sewing room or craft room …

(Martine Brumwell) #11

Thursday’s special offer - A real bargain for £3.99 - reduced from £7.00 - for one day only.

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

Framed micro gallery

(Martine Brumwell) #13

Today’s special offer -
A sweet little dress in top quality cotton with a tiny forget-me-not print to fit a three year old. The dress has a square neckline and a full skirt and fastens at the back with 4 lilac flower buttons. It has an embroidered linen belt decorated with little felt flowers. Reduced to £15

(Martine Brumwell) #14

Saturday’s Special Offer - 2 mice for £10 (usually £7 each)
Daisy has a blue flowered dress, trimmed with little felt flowers and a pale grey beret embroidered in blue.
Percy has royal blue dungarees, a blue shirt and an embroidered brown beret. His dungarees have brown buttons and a carrot motif to match his beret. Both mice come in blue organza carry bags, decorated with their names.

(Sue Beacham) #15

(Hazel Rayfield) #16

(Martine Brumwell) #17

Nice items Sue and Hazel. Any more sellers got any one day sale?
My offer for today is this pretty mouse in a lilac dress decorated with little flowers. She comes in a matching purple organza gift bag, decorated with her name. Reduced from £7 to £5 for one day only.

(Martine Brumwell) #18

Monday’s Special Offer from me.

A fun pair of dungarees to fit 18months to 2 years. These best quality cotton dungarees are really bright and cheerful and have a lovely little house pattern. They have a back pocket and a bib pocket and fasten with 2 large daisy buttons. Reduced from £20 to £15 for one day only.