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Grrrrrr EE why are you taking away my Freeserve email

So. EE are removing all Freeserve, wanadoo Orange related emails as of the end of May. They say they have given notice, they are allowed to and so they are doing …

A shame the notice came 2 days after delivery of 2 boxes of new business cards with my Freeserve address printed on them but there you are.

Spent the last month checking how to handle my alternative email address variations and now confident to make the change,

So I ordered some sticky labels 84 a sheet to stick over the offending email address. Spent ages and ages in Word formatting my labels to exactly fit into the 84 boxes and I Can’t do it…
Why… because I need to size height by .005cm and it will only let me do 2 decimal places (won’t let me do mm either !).

Solution at last found. Print 11 rows with the label paper one way up and the other 10 rows with it upside down,

What a FAFF. Thank you for nothing EE… and you are part of BT …And I have BB shares !!!