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(Denise Hayes) #1

Hi Everyone! I’m looking for guest blogger to participate on my blog -

If you are interested, please message me. Your post can be on any topic - a tutorial, a ‘day in the life’, a recipe…

I can send you a list of interview questions as well.

Thanks! denise

(Denise Hayes) #2

Still looking for guest bloggers - please don’t be shy!


I am interested. Here is my blog for an idea of what I do and what I write about :).

(Denise Hayes) #4

Great! Will PM you…

(Denise Hayes) #5

anyone else? I don’t bite! Am happy to give you some interview questions for you to answer`!

(Heather De Gruyther) #6

I’m interested! How about a swap? I was only thinking of this the other day :smiley:

My blog’s at if you want to check me out :wink:


(Denise Hayes) #7

Great - I’ll PM you…

(Leah Wilkinson) #8

Hi I’d be interested.
Here’s my blog for an idea of what I do
Quite like the idea of doing a interview

(Denise Hayes) #9

have PM’d you but the link doesn’t work?

(Leah Wilkinson) #10

oops my fault missed the e out of jewellery. Ive sent you a private message with my email address

(Denise Hayes) #11

Here’s the first blog post up!

(Denise Hayes) #12

and here’s another -

(Denise Hayes) #13

I’m still looking for guest bloggers… anyone?