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Handmade greetings cards. Let show all those gorgeous greetings cards and get some great sales today

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Cross stitch New home card of two owls sat on a branch. Mounted onto green leaf background on scalloped edged card

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Cross stitch Toy story card featuring Woody. Surrounded by paper frame depicting more toy story characters

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Cross stitch owl in a hat. Blank inside suitable for any occasion

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All cards are ready to post

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3 small Japanese doll cross stitch cards. Could be used as small greetings card or gift tag. Selling for £1.50 each or 3 for £4

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Just catching up on the forums and had not seen this post before.

Here’s a few of mine - they are not the cheapest cards but they are large size and are designed to be keepsake cards, and some framed after use, like mini textile artworks! :slight_smile:

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Here is my listing for to day, two embroidered cards

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(Stephanie Short) #16

Hiya all!

one of my printed appliqué designs all are hand embellished and can all be personalised too

(Tina Martin) #17

Here’s a few of my Special Occasion/blank/birthday greeting cards using my own artwork and printed by myself;

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(Steph Short Supplies) #18

All of my cards can be personalised


My latest 2 are

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(Jeanie Hansford) #20

Hand embroidered greetings card , with two bunnies and a butterfly…

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