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Have you Blogged today - 2018

(Maxine Veronica) #1

first blog of 2018, all about gemstones associated with January

(Sue Wright) #2

New look for my blog for 2018
Back to spinning

(Brenda Cumming) #4

all about new beginnings in my life


My 2018 blog is a showcase of step-by-step pictures of my latest painting that I have just listed here:

(Maxine Veronica) #6

New one today on how I make my memory books

(Jan Ryan) #7

There are 3 threads for blog posts 2018, it gets very confusing and one may be easily missed,

do you all think that it would be better to stick to one thread??

If you want just the one thread you can re-do your links onto this thread. Thank you x

The other threads are called… Blog Articles 2018 and Have you blogged today January 2018

(Crystal Clarke) #8

My latest article is Folksy Finds and Favourites. I shall keep adding items as and when I find and favourite them :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #9

Hi Jan, sorry I missed the January 2018 one it didn’t come up when I seached a few weeks ago so I started this one, I just followed the format for last year with just one thread for the full year. Happy to go with whatever other’s want to do. Do we need a new one each month do you think?

(Jan Ryan) #10

Hi Max, I don’t think we need a new one each month, personally I think this thread for the year is the best format. I’m going to re-post my link from the other thread to this one and hopefully this is ok for everyone else.

I like to have a look at all the blogs when I’m on a tea break and leave comments on them, it’s easier to do that when they are all on the one thread.

(the Folksy Friday Links thread is different as that is for all social media not just blogs) :slight_smile:


My sketchbook so far this year plus a video :slight_smile: .

(Jan Ryan) #12

My post from Friday x

(Jan Ryan) #13

Woodland creatures :deer::fox_face::unicorn::rabbit2:



(Maxine Veronica) #15

New blog post today - gemstones for February

(Elaine) #16

2nd part of my craft fair tips - this time it’s stall design.


(Sue Wright) #17

organization and tips
Best wishes Sue


A DIY project:

(Jan Ryan) #19

I’m a bit confused (it doesn’t take much) :confused: about what thread to use for my blog?
there’s this thread for the year. There’s also a monthly thread,
Should I link to both? or just choose one?
There’s also the Folksy Friday thread that doesn’t get used much.

Here’s my link for my latest post :slight_smile:

(kirinandco) #20

This is really handy, thanks! I’m pondering over the decision to do my first craft fair—it makes me very nervous!

Looking forward to your next post. :slight_smile:

(kirinandco) #21

I blogged for the first time in a looooong time today. I’m determined to keep going!