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Have you blogged today April 2014

(Stephanie Guy) #1

A place to share your APRIL 2014 blogs

Here’s my first blog of the month, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils…

Have you Blogged Today : April 2014
(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Hi Stephie

I didn’t see your post and started a new thread in Craft Talk as I thought that would be where this thread would go, I am trying to delete my thread, not manged it yet …


(Stephanie Guy) #3

I started a discussion about where it should go here as I wasn’t sure Where to put the “have you blogged today” thread

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

I have just blogged this morning about my Spring clean and the fact that its 3 years now that I have been painting in wax …

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Hazel I also started this thread today, but I put it in the showcase thread as most of us are showcasing work in our blogs. It’s tricky as I also do “how to” blogs that would sit better in craft talk - I started a thread to discuss where it should go Where to put the “have you blogged today” thread

(Sian ) #6

@StephanieGuy @HazelRayfield I have merged the craft talk thread into this one (yes, we can do that now! :smiley:)

Also, we can recategorise posts if people decide they’re not in the right place - I think the OP can do that themselves if they edit the post but users at level 3 can recategorise any post

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Hi Sian

Thanks you for putting my post here, I didn’t see that Stephie had started a post today and thought Craft Talk would have been the place for this thread, so started one there, but that’s fine, it is taking time to work out what should go where :slight_smile:

I couldn’t work out how to delete a topic I had started?


(Nifty) #8

I replied on Stephanie’s thread, I also felt Craft Talk would be where it’d live

(Sian ) #9

I think for me it depends on the question being asked (i.e. the title of the topic) and how you’re expecting other people to respond to the post. If you’re just saying ‘here’s my latest blogpost, what’s yours?’, it’s Showcase.

If you are instead asking the question that’s in the blogpost (“is there a theme that you keep coming back to?”, and here’s a post I’ve written about it), encouraging a discussion about making, that’s Craft Talk.

Tricky. What do you think?

(Hazel Rayfield) #10

I think it is tricky Sian

My feeling was it should be in Craft Talk because blogging itself is a type of talking, and as we are artists and crafters, mainly our blogs are about our art or craft.

Some of my own blog posts may be promotional but mainly they are news about Art In Wax, for example I blogged today about Spring cleaning my studio and that this weekend is the third anniversary of me painting in wax. I also recently blogged about the new folksy widget …

Hope this helps


(Helen Smith) #11

I’m really getting organised now, this is my first blog post since the middle of January (I know, disgraceful). A peep into my new studio…

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #12

I’ve just written a short post about some new tools I’ve just bought, some lino cutters and a special ink tube squeezing contraption - simple pleasures!

Emma x

(Sarah Eves) #13

I’vejust blogged about the groovy retro wonderfulness of tangerine and orange florals:)

Sarah x

(Teresa Connolly) #14

I have just blogged about a bag I made with the wool I bought a while ago.
Linking with Wool on Sundays.

(Jan Ryan) #15

I’ve blogged about my Bunny Glove Puppets…
Can we put picture links or just a link without a picture ???

(Jan Ryan) #16

Let me know if it’s allowed and I’ll remove it :smile:

(Nifty) #17

finally blogged again since moving last month

(Hazel Rayfield) #18

I have just finished my latest blog post … all about painting in miniatures … with lots and lots and lots of brand new pictures, not seen online before today …

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #19

I’ve blogged today about a competition I’m running to win a custom made lino print of your house, see photo below (and two other lino prints of your choice).

Hope I’m allowed to tell you about this blog post here…sorry if it’s a bit showcasey : /
Sian, please remove if it is.

(Leanne Oughton) #20

Ooo first time posting on this new layout! A blog updating what i’ve been up to lately, its been a while :smile:

Leanne x x