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Have You Blogged Today? March/April 2019

(Julia K Walton) #1

Just back from a week staying near Inverness. Here are the first two days of the holiday…

(Elaine) #2

Thanks for starting this thread FireHorse, I’m off to have a read of your post.

My latest post is about my favourite fabric, felt:


(Linda Austin) #3

This a great post, I have a blog here

Off to read yours now :blush:

(Julia K Walton) #4

Hi Elaine - thank you for sharing your article: I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and learned some new facts about one of my favourite materials.

Julia x

(Julia K Walton) #5

Hello Linda - thank you for sharing your blog. The article about decluttering is particularly useful for me at the moment :laughing:

Julia x

(junemccabe) #6

Hi Linda @jewelleryandjangles, I don’t have a blog, but was looking through the threads and found this one and just read your article about de cluttering the house. Brilliant! I go away next Monday, but have decided to make a start before I go, my house needs a bit of organising as this helps to prevent me getting depression. Thankyou so much for the inspiration x

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Here’s my blog, full of free mini painting tutorials, and some for kids too

(Linda Austin) #8

@junemccabe I love to organise, I just need to organise myself!
@FireHorseTextiles I should follow my own advice :smile:

Love your blogs Ladies, look forward to seeing more if possible

Thanks for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Julia K Walton) #9

Two more days from our holiday in Inverness area … Brock puts in an appearance :dog:

(Linda Austin) #10

@FireHorseTextiles I love Inverness and the surronding areas. My Uncle Steven Moved to Scotland a year ago, I must go and visit him. Brock is a wee cutie!

(Julia K Walton) #11

Yes, do, Linda! I’m sure you will love it. Thank you for your kind comment about Brock :smile:

(Julia K Walton) #12

(Julia K Walton) #13

The final two days of our week’s holiday in the Inverness area.

(Sue Wright) #14

Spring time Colour
Some Natural dyeing with Daffodils
Best wishes Sue

(Amanda Crago) #15

Hello! I’ve added a blog post to my website about some of my found object sea plastic jewellery being featured in an exhibition at Museum of Cornish Life, Helston for this month!

Cheers, Amanda/Bowerbird Jewellery

(Linda Austin) #16

I’ve added to my blog today. Organising as usual. I have a piece ready to go about the awful netting of trees and hedgerows