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Have You Blogged Today? October 2016

Our holiday to Inverness (Days 1 - 2: Ness Islands Walk, Chanonry Point):-

Next two days of our holiday to Inverness: Culbin Forest, Findhorn Foundation (eco houses etc)

The final three days of our hols: Dornoch, Tain, Cromarty, Findhorn, Rosemarkie, Ullapool and Rogie Falls

Lovely beach photo’s, doggies look like they are having a great time, I’ve been really bad with my blogging over the last couple of months, I took a break over summer and not got back into it :frowning: I really need to get my act together and get some posts done :slight_smile:

Hi Jan - thank you - we all had a great time, especially Brock as he met so many other dogs over the week. :dog2:

I know what you mean about getting out of blogging - this is the first time I’ve added anything to mine in ages. I used to make it a habit to write once a week on the same day, and that seemed to keep me going.

Those holiday photos are great, Julia :slight_smile: I have family in that part of Scotland and have visited Culbin and Findhorn a few times, it really is a beautiful area and the oil rigs in the firth add a bit of interest, don’t they!

(Hope you get back into blogging, Jan :slight_smile: )

My blog post is a link round up -

Thank you, silvermoss. Yes, I really like the area around Inverness - a mixture of pretty towns and villages, wild countryside, the beautiful firths, and, as you say, the signs of industry, all add to the scenery.

Loved your blog post - some great links and I love your October photo of the castle.

All about bookmarks.

I have just started, and posted my 1st blog on Monday. Hope to add regularly, just finding my voice at the mo,
Suzzie x

Some photos, and a colour sketch and line drawing of autumn leaves

The death of the village craft fayre?

I have just added my 2nd blog,

Sarah, really silly question, but how do you/does one, follow another blogger?
Your Death of the village Craft Fayre, just made me chuckle
still laughing suzzie x

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Hi, Suzzie - and thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll have a look for you now and get back xx

I just had a look and think if you scroll down the home page there is a blue ‘‘follow’’ button on the right - I’d log out and check but I’ve forgotten my password!

Being organised … or not in my case … looking for suggestions from other readers.

Keeping the Balance
Best wishes all

A new blog post about kumihimo with seed beads.

Good afternoon all,
I have decided it’s time to start posting to the blog I set up tow years ago :expressionless: Here is my first offering :slight_smile:

Donna x