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Have you blogged today? October 2015

(Julia K Walton) #1

An auction find - Victorian terracotta wall pockets - faces of bearded men

(Dayzee) #2

I’ve been bad and not blogged for ages…

But today I decided to write a little fabric box photo tutorial :blush:

Little Boxes on the Hillside - From the Gingerbread House

(Leah Wilkinson) #3

my featured item this week is the mixed metal sun bracelet

(Julia K Walton) #4

Vintage Brooches:-

Lovely tutorial, Lisa! I couldn’t get the comments working or I would have left one on there.

(Elaine) #5

New ideas … drawing on fabric:

(Jude Allman) #6

(Julia K Walton) #7

A walk at Ennerdale Water in The Lake District, followed by lunch in Cockermouth

(Sue Wright) #8

Autumn colours
Some natural dyeing from garden plants

(Leah Wilkinson) #9

My folksy Friday this week has the theme of pieces with inspirational quotes

(Julia K Walton) #10

Vintage China and Textiles

(Julia K Walton) #11

Autumn Gift Ideas Guide (all from

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #12

I’ve been trying to keep up with the #100happydays challenge on my blog here…

(Caroline Wong) #13

I have done few new blogs recently on exhibitions I’ve seen.

The Liberty Fashion Exhibition -!Liberty-in-Fashion-Exhibition/cg7v/561a966f0cf2c6c6436ecda0

Chanel Exhibition -!Chanel-Exhibition-Mademoiselle-Prive/cg7v/561e19a40cf2c3576e5cf9ae

(Angela Finch) #14

All about paracord.

(Stephanie Guy) #15

I’ve been sadly neglecting my blog and it shows in the views. I used to get 400 plus per post, now I’m lucky to get 35. Must try harder!

What I did in September in 35 simple sketches…

(Detola and Geek) #16

Its tough blogging regularly

But I wrote this yesterday as am a bit of a geek, World Maths day: geometric inspired lampshades

(Detola and Geek) #17

Just read your post. Love it Stephanie

Funny I just got a “Yoga Mat” today too but as a photo prop for my new African print ‘yoga bags’ that I’ll be making & selling :slight_smile:

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #18

I blogged yesterday blog post[1]

New blog new beginning. To be honest I didn’t say a lot it was more about setting up the blog itself yesterday but if you felt like saying hi! It would be lovely to see/speak to you.

This is all a little scary to be honest.

(Julia K Walton) #19

A walk near Keswick and restaurant review for Treeby’s Cafe:-

(Julia K Walton) #20

Back with another post on a multi-user blog (anyone is welcome to join - details on blog):-

Vintage Arts and Crafts brass chamber stick and other vintage finds:-