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Have you blogged today ? - August 2015

(Maxine Veronica) #1

Post your blog links here

(cindyheadley) #2

visiting others.

(Liz Clark) #3

I wrote mine yesterday, about an art project I’m involved in; 108 artists worldwide, raisings funds for 3 Kent based charities. I’ve been manning the exhibition today and I’m knackered! Lots of photos in the link if anyone wants to nosey :blush:
HA ha, didn’t add the link! Here it is:

(Liz Clark) #4

Garden looking good! And I really liked the painting of the owl you entered too.

(WoollyPops) #5

I’ve blogged today about gaining pinterest followers, I hit my 1000 followers Mark this morning :slight_smile: super chuffed hoping it gives me a bit more exposure

(WoollyPops) #6

By the way Maxine I think your hair looks lovely cut short, glad you’re ticking things off your list. My mum turned 50 this year in Feb and she said all she wanted was a granddaughter well I delivered on that one some 3 years ago so she was happy :slight_smile:

(Sue Wright) #7

Natural dyes- wool, bubbling pots of colour over an open fire, colour magic!

(PaperButterfliesM) #8

Mine yesterday was about sailing origami ships around our paddling pool :slight_smile: I need to get more disclipined in keeping up with my blog

(Julia K Walton) #9

Vintage Ceramics:-

(This is a multi-user blog. Details of how to join up and promote your own items are available on the blog).

(Maxine Veronica) #10

lovely to see some new blogs and thank you for lovely comments and new followers :slight_smile:

(Julia K Walton) #11

Back again with an article about my latest wall hanging: Six Crosses:-

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

Just been Tea Break blogging …

“So can you see a picture inside a picture ?”

If you can why not leave me a comment on the blog post

(Julia K Walton) #13

Vintage embroidery and needlework books:-

(Sally Eira) #14

blog post - Christmas in August

(Teresa Connolly) #15

A shawl and a craft fair

(Grimm Exhibition) #16

Ive just blogged about recent makes.

(Angela Finch) #17

Blogged about dragons today.

(Teresa Bettelley) #18

Hello, a quick blog from me about the summer holidays :slight_smile:

(Rosie Turner) #19

New to blogging first blog post from me!

(Kat Dibbits) #20

I’ve blogged about it being hump day!