Folksy Ltd

Hello again!

(Carolyn Grant) #1

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to Folksy peeps old and new… I closed down my shop last year, but with the reintroduction of tags thought I would give it another go. Looking forward to hearing how everyone is getting on, and any feedback on my shop would be more than welcome!

Many thanks,

(Helen Smith) #2

Hello Carolyn, nice to see you back here again!

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #3

Hallo I am new and opened my shop today welcome back Gabrielle.x

(Pauline Hayward) #4

Welcome back @CeeGeeJewellery. Glad you’ve decided to return to folksy.


(Karen Ellam) #5

Welcome back to the fold Carolyn @CeeGeeJewellery :smiley:


(Carolyn Grant) #6

Thanks all! Nice to see some familiar faces - and new ones of course!

(Linda Wild) #7

Welcome back Carolyn :smile:


(Carolyn Grant) #8

Thanks Lin!