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Hello, I'm Back!

It’s been nearly 4 years since I actually listed anything in my shop but, like the prodigal son, I have returned!
Long story short, I got a new job that involved a longer journey to and from work and have had very little time to be creative but I have been slowly building it back up.
I can’t believe how much it has all changed, looks very polished and professional.
It’s great to see that most of the old names are still here, it feels like coming home!
Anyway, take a look if you have a minute, I have only listed a few small bits at the mo but it will be increasing!
Missed you all
Lazy Daisy x

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Welcome back! It might be one of the things that has changed over the years but Folksy now automatically crops the images on our shop fronts and in search results to square. Some of your items are well centred in the images but others have had bits chopped off which isn’t going to entice customers in if they are looking at a page of search results. You can use free software like picasa to crop the images before you upload them. You can also use it to tweek the lightness of the images if needed.
Good luck.

Welcome back :grinning:

I’ve also just returned after a break. Ellie x

Welcome back :smiley:


Welcome back. :smile: I love your tea-light holders!

Welcome back, Kathryn :blush:

I love your bug in a box fridge magnets…so cute! With Christmas approaching, they will make lovely stocking present :blush: