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Help! Christmas baubles needed please

Good morning all hope you are all well.

I’m looking for some baubles to give as gifts to my sons teachers. I have a couple of ideas but can’t find them for sale anywhere and wondered whether anyone here could help.

I am looking for:
A maths joke theme for example: Ho 3 (obviously cubed but I cant figure out how to show that symbol on my phone!)

A bauble with an owl design

And finally a musical themed bauble preferably decoupage or rag wrapped.

If any of you feel you can help I’d love to hear from you, many thanks x

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You might find someone who’s prepared to make something specially for you if you like their style. Do a search!!!

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Thank you I will try that :blush:

Thank you Pauline your decorations are really beautiful they must take a lot of patience to make! Unfortunately they don’t quite fit my brief but thank you so much for Taking the time to reply x

I actually didn’t read the post properly sorry, didnt realise you were looking for particular ones.

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Probably too expensive as a gift for a teacher, and a hanging decoration rather than a bauble, but still could be hung from the tree, here goes