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Hi I'm Destashing my gemstone beads, great bargains to be had

(Silverspiral) #1

As it says above :slight_smile: I am concentrating more on my silver work, and think it’s such a shame for them to be stored when they can be turned into beautiful Jewellery or used for other projects, I have not listed them all yet so if there is anything in particular please ask, I may have some, Jax x

(Silverspiral) #2

And more

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Fab bargains, those amazonite ones are mine! :smile:

(Silverspiral) #4

Thank you Margaret @Louisa15 I shall get them out for you tonight :slight_smile:

More destash gems added

(Margaret Jackson) #5

Oh drat, I would have bought the howlite and the aventurine too if I’d known they were going to be listed.

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Oh well, I’ve bought them anyway. Don’t want to miss out.

(Silverspiral) #7

Oppss Margaret @Louisa15 you are so kind thank you, I have listed more and still 3 more lots to list,
but if you want any of them in with the package you already have i will refund you some postage as i’m sure there will already be enough to cover a larger parcel. :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Thanks Jax, I’ve added the ones above to my order, it’s good to hear you’ll refund some postage as it all adds up when I’m buying them separately. I daren’t wait though in case what I want gets bought by someone else! :smile:

(Silverspiral) #9

Lol ah thank you Margaret @Louisa15 oh no I wont overcharge on postage, just enough to cover weight and a few bob for packaging, so you will be getting refunded :smiley: and i fully understand your reason for buying so quickly.
Right last lot … i need a break :smiley:

Haha i’ve just noticed i have put detask instead of destash lol it has now become a task :smiley:

(Silverspiral) #10

Thank you so much Margaret @Louisa15 your beads will be out in tonight’s collection, I will refund the difference when i get back.
Thanks again
Jax x

(Margaret Jackson) #11

Thanks Jax! :slight_smile: