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Selling Large Collection of Gemstone Beads


Hi Everyone

I’m selling my large collection of Gemstone Beads from when I had my old Folksy shop, when I made Jewellery.

Just wanted to know if there would be any interest. All the gemstone beads are unused, just bought too much stock. I have gemstone chips, rounds, flat ovals, and pebbles.

Many Thanks
Natasha x

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

I’d be interested.

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Yes, I would be interested and many of the jewellery makers on here would be I’m sure. Are you going to list them in your shop?


I was going to list them on a forum post, as I don’t have time to photograph everything, and contact me with a sensible offer!

Thanks. Natasha

(Sasha Garrett) #5

I’d certainly have a look but I really shouldn’t buy any more…

(Jacqueline Austen) #6

I would have a look too - must resist, must resist …

(Jenny Baxter) #7

Yes, I’d be interested too…


Morning Everyone

Thanks for your interest.

Please message me, and I will send you the list of beads and some photos. Make me an offer!

Many Thanks. Natasha x


Thank you for all your interest.

The beads have now sold.

Natasha x