Homepage themes and tags for June 2022 - find the list here

Here are the Homepage Themes for June 2022.

The ‘Theme of the Day’ appears every day on the Folksy homepage. Here is the list of themes for June 2022. You can also find the themes and tags in your Seller Dashboard.

To be included in a particular theme:

• Add the tag exactly as listed to relevant product listings in your Folksy shop (don’t use a # symbol).

• Tags are not case sensitive but you need to make sure you use the exact tag given here (eg plurals and spellings).

• Use commas to separate your tags.

• For the ‘My Favourite Piece’ theme, choose your ONE favourite piece on Folksy this month and add the ‘tag one thing only June 2022’ to that listing.

• Only tag relevant items. If a seller frequently tags irrelevant items (or tags more than one item on the My Favourite Piece theme) they may be blocked from appearing in that theme and future themes.

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Wed 1 Jun Roses rose
Thu 2 Jun Platinum Jubilee jubilee
Fri 3 Jun Street Party Time! street party
Sat 4 Jun Father’s Day Cards fathers day card
Sun 5 Jun World Environment Day eco friendly
Mon 6 Jun Thank You Teacher Gifts thank you teacher
Tue 7 Jun Amigurumi amigurumi
Wed 8 Jun World Oceans Day ocean
Thu 9 Jun Garden Furniture garden furniture
Fri 10 Jun Zesty zesty
Sat 11 Jun Father’s Day Gifts fathers day gift
Sun 12 Jun Collage collage
Mon 13 Jun Snails snails
Tue 14 Jun Summer Clothes summer clothes
Wed 15 Jun Nature Photography nature photography
Thu 16 Jun My Favourite Piece tag one thing only June 22
Fri 17 Jun Hot Pink hot pink
Sat 18 Jun International Picnic Day picnic
Sun 19 Jun Honeysuckle honeysuckle
Mon 20 Jun Surfing The Waves surfing
Tue 21 Jun Summer Solstice solstice
Wed 22 Jun Lip-Smackin’ Good lip balm
Thu 23 Jun Scallops scallop
Fri 24 Jun A Touch of Gold gold leaf
Sat 25 Jun Jewellery for Cat Lovers cat jewellery
Sun 26 Jun Peachy peach
Mon 27 Jun Wimbledon Starts tennis
Tue 28 Jun Maps maps
Wed 29 Jun Seascapes seascape
Thu 30 Jun Sustainable Summer sustainable