Homepage Themes for August 2022 - find the list here

Here is the list of homepage themes for August 2022. Thank you for all your suggestions. You can also find the themes and tags in your Seller Dashboard.

To be included in a particular theme:

• Add the tag exactly as listed to relevant product listings in your Folksy shop (don’t use a # symbol). All items with the correct tag will automatically appear in that particular Theme of the Day.

• Tags are not case sensitive but you need to make sure you use the exact tag given here (eg plurals and spellings).

• Use commas to separate your tags.

• For the ‘My Favourite Piece’ theme, choose your ONE favourite piece from your shop this month and add the ‘tag one thing only Aug 22’ to that listing.

• Only tag relevant items. If a seller frequently tags irrelevant items (or tags more than one item on the My Favourite Piece theme) they may be blocked from appearing in that theme and future themes. :disappointed:

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Mon 1 Aug Yorkshire Day yorkshire
Tue 2 Aug Holiday Jewellery holiday jewellery
Wed 3 Aug Glorious Agapanthus agapanthus
Thu 4 Aug Owl Awareness Day owl
Fri 5 Aug Beach Huts beach huts
Sat 6 Aug BBQ Days bbq
Sun 7 Aug Sunshine Yellow sunshine yellow
Mon 8 Aug National Allotments Week allotment
Tue 9 Aug Natural Skincare natural skincare
Wed 10 Aug Summer Flower Vases vase
Thu 11 Aug Everything Golden gold
Fri 12 Aug Summer Meadows meadow
Sat 13 Aug On the Beach beach
Sun 14 Aug Peridot peridot
Mon 15 Aug Granny Square Day granny square
Tue 16 Aug My Favourite Piece tag one thing only Aug 22
Wed 17 Aug Totally Tropical tropical
Thu 18 Aug Retro retro
Fri 19 Aug Ice-Cream Colours ice cream colours
Sat 20 Aug Nautical nautical
Sun 21 Aug Miniature Art miniature art
Mon 22 Aug Back To School back to school
Tue 23 Aug Lighthouses lighthouse
Wed 24 Aug National Plum Day plum
Thu 25 Aug Literary literary
Fri 26 Aug Shells shell
Sat 27 Aug International Bat Night bat
Sun 28 Aug Asymmetric asymmetric
Mon 29 Aug Tan tan
Tue 30 Aug Stationery stationery
Wed 31 Aug Art Nouveau art nouveau