Homepage Themes for September 2022 - find the list here

Here are our Themes of the Day for September 2022.

To be included in a particular theme…

• Add the tag exactly as listed to relevant product listings in your Folksy shop (don’t use a # symbol).

All items with the correct tag will automatically appear in that particular Theme of the Day on Folksy. A random selection of products from the theme will be shown on our homepage with a button to see all the rest.

• Tags are not case sensitive but you need to make sure you use the exact tag given here (eg plurals and spellings).

• Use commas to separate your tags.

• For the ‘My Favourite Piece’ theme, choose your ONE favourite piece from your shop this month and add the ‘tag one thing only Sep 22’ to that listing.

• Only tag relevant items. If a seller frequently tags irrelevant items (or tags more than one item on the My Favourite Piece theme) they may be blocked from appearing in that theme and future themes.

You can also find the themes and tags in your Seller Dashboard.

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Thu 1 Sep Organic September organic
Fri 2 Sep Berries berries
Sat 3 Sep Glass Art glass art
Sun 4 Sep Sapphire sapphire
Mon 5 Sep Stickers sticker
Tue 6 Sep Fingerless Gloves fingerless gloves
Wed 7 Sep Fairies fairies
Thu 8 Sep Houseplants houseplant
Fri 9 Sep Teddy Bear Day teddy bear
Sat 10 Sep Harvest Moon moon
Sun 11 Sep Charcoal charcoal
Mon 12 Sep Resin resin
Tue 13 Sep Seedheads seedhead
Wed 14 Sep Housewarming Gifts & Cards housewarming
Thu 15 Sep My Favourite Piece tag one thing only Sep 22
Fri 16 Sep Great British Beach Clean beach
Sat 17 Sep Elm elm
Sun 18 Sep Silk Scarves silk scarf
Mon 19 Sep Recycle Week recycle
Tue 20 Sep Kintsugi kintsugi
Wed 21 Sep Repurposed repurposed
Thu 22 Sep Quilts quilt
Fri 23 Sep Autumn Equinox autumn equinox
Sat 24 Sep Candles candle
Sun 25 Sep Golden Brown golden brown
Mon 26 Sep Spiral spiral
Tue 27 Sep British Wool british wool
Wed 28 Sep Signed by the Artist signed
Thu 29 Sep Bangles bangle
Fri 30 Sep Toadstools toadstool


I stamp my jewellery with my unique makers mark (as registered with the london assay office) does that count as ‘signed by the artist’? My stuff is a bit small to actually fit a signature on.

Absolutely! And potter’s marks would count too.

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