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How do I put a pic of my stall on Folksy please?

I want to put a picture of my stall on Folksy but don’t know how HELP

When you write an message in the forum you get a little tool bar above the text box. There’s a little picture icon (looks like a mountain and a sun in a frame), next to the </> symbol. Press that and you can upload your photo if you ‘choose file’ from your computer, or you can get a link from the webpage it’s on if you tick the box below.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Jo
Many thanks for the help. Here you can see me and my FIRST stall at my local Town Hall. It wasn’t very busy, I sold 7 cards in 7 hours. I have got 2 more fairs in the pipeline, one at a different venue. I thought I’d give it a year and see what happens. I might try a carboot that happens right around the corner from my home but good weather is crucial. I really enjoy my craft but must try to offload some stock. I do give some to a local hospice shop but I would like to sell some to restock my stash. If anyone has encouraging advice I would be most grateful.
Bye for now

Looks brilliant.
Very colourful. Did you have fun?

Hi, the stall looks lovely. Not sure if this counts as encouraging advice or not, the cards category here on folksy is very large (a quick look shows that there are over 12000 in the under £5 range) so lots of competion for sales unless you are doing lots of promotion through social media/ other crafting forums to drive people to your shop. To help people ‘accidentally’ find your cards whilst searching (rather than those who you have directed to your shop via promotion) you may want to change your titles. e.g. at the moment one of your cards is simply titled ‘blue tit’, a title like ’ blue tit bird quilled blank card’ might help it show up in more searches (at the moment if someone searches for ‘bird card’ your blue tit card wouldn’t show up in the search results even though it would fit their requirement).
Depending on how quickly you want to destash/ raise money for the restash you may want to approach your local post office/ gift shops/ cafes about selling your cards. My local shops all seem to have displays of locally crafted items for sale next to the till so yours might do the same. Other wise have a look on for fetes/ craft markets.
Hopefully thats not too discouraging

Hi Sasha
Many thanks for your comments. I will go over my titles and see what I can do to improve them. It’s early days yet and there is an awful lot of choice out there. As far as price goes it’s tricky when there is postage to add on. I don’t think I have overpriced them, quilling can take some time. I don’t actually count in my time as it is a hobby so I enjoy doing it anyway. They do look reasonably priced against some others. Thanks again.
Regards Quillextra

I spent much time tweeking my titles in the early days before I realised that some people would search by colour whilst others would be looking for a certain gemstone (I’m a jeweller) so I needed to put both in - my titles can be quite long but it seems to be working!
Your cards seem very reasonably priced - I remember trying my hand at quilling when I was younger so know how long it can take and your cards look like they have taken significantly more time than some of the other ones that are available in that price bracket (that sounds a bit cruel towards some of the other card makers which I don’t mean to be but their work definitely hasn’t taken as long as yours).
There is a forum thread here on folksy for card makers you may wish to join in with.
good luck

Hi Sasha
I see what you mean, I think I got a bit sidetracked with the sections on materials etc, Of course people don’t see that until they have found the card. I feel a bit more optimistic so we’ll see. I’ll let you know. Thanks again.

Hi, I’ve just looked at your work, and I feel it is too good for a car boot sale. From my experience of
car boot sales (my daughter in law sells at them quite regularly) People want something for nothing
on the whole, and are nor prepared to pay a reasonable price for quality items, including hand crafted.
But you will only find out by actually doing one, and seeing how it goes. Good luck whatever you decide.

Hi there
Thankyou for taking the time to look at my work, thanks also for your opinion of it. It’s difficult to get an honest unbiased opinion obviously people won’t say they don’t like it face to face. I like most of my work and if not it goes in the bin. I have been getting some positive feedback from social media. I’ve only recently got to grips with IG, PIn, Tweets and Tags so we’ll see if any of it turns into sales. My card maker friend and I are doing a Table Top sale in Beaumaris Leisure Centre this Sunday so perhaps some sales. This is a step up from a Car Boot and at least we will have a roof!!!