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How many Christmas cards do you send?

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I don’t want to sound like Scrooge but I find it a bit of a chore writing christmas cards,so to procrastinate a while longer I thought I’d start a thread on it.

How many do you send and how organised are you?

(Christine Shephard) #2

I send about 30-40 in total, but also find it a bit of a chore. I’m not at all organised and have been putting it off every day this week! So far I’ve written about 3 and have now decided to put the Christmas tree up instead!

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Glad it’s not just me. I"ve been trying to spray ‘snow’ on some silver birch branches and the nozzle keeps blocking!

(Imapico) #4

One to my mother!

(Susannah Ayre) #5

I think they’re a waste to be honest. And just sort of clutter up the place. Haha i used to send cards to close friends/family. But now I just send them to friends/family far away and I use it pretty much as an excuse to send a letter. :blush:

(Sasha Garrett) #6

The 5 international ones went in the post this morning, only 40 ish to go. My problems is that its the other half who wants to send them but me who ends up writing them, I refuse to write any to his friends whom I’ve only met once/ have no idea who they are (we’ve been together 18 years and I’ve still not met them!). Oh and we get ours printed with one of his photos on the front but he won’t let me get ‘Merry Christmas’ printed in the inside so I have to write it. I’m lobbying for not sending them next year or doing it electronically.

(Fiona Humphrey) #7

I hand-print my own cards and love how they look, if only they would then write themselves! I have at least written the list - need a large glass of wine to go with them. I love receiving them though, we always stick them up on a door or two. :smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

The only family I have is my parents and sister, and we all live together, so there’s no relations to have to send cards to (whether you like them or not lol). But I do still send a couple of dozen cards - some are to old friends, who I still keep in touch with. We don’t get chance to meet often, and it’s a good chance to pop a letter in with the card. The others are newer friends who I have met on line in the past few years - we may not have met in real life, but they are still good friends, and I genuinely enjoy making and sending cards to them.

I remember back at secondary school one of the girls there loved getting cards, so one year I managed to get a book of sample cards from a local shop, must have been about a hundred cards in the book, and my friends and I sat and wrote every single one to her. We had to improvise envelopes from sheets of paper, but she was really thrilled with it.

(Helen Smith) #9

Sasha, get a Merry Christmas stamp!

I saw on FB that Clare from SeriousStamp was offering to make kids ‘signature’ stamps… the tears we used to have about writing Christmas cards at primary school… I so wish she’d been around then! They had a school post box and deliveries and every year I had to explain that it was ok if they didn’t want to send any cards but then they mustn’t be upset if they didn’t get any when the deliveries came round, so they always wrote them, reluctantly, at the last minute. And as far as I’m aware neither has written another one since they left primary school. Traumatised! :wink:

And I’m not keen either…

(Alison Mackenzie) #10

I usually send between 40 and 50. I’ve made about 30 of them, the rest are bought ones. All but 2 of those that have to be posted have gone, the other two are going tomorrow. I love sending cards and love receiving them too. Under the threat of having virtual mince pies thrown at me I must also confess to have finished my Christmas shopping. Yet despite being more organised than usual, I still feel stressed that I haven’t got everything wrapped. :flushed: Am I nuts???

(Sasha Garrett) #11

Tempting, tempting but will the OH go for it?

(Deborah Jones) #12

I used to send about 30, but decided last year to only send a few handmade ones to family and to donate the money saved to charity instead. I will put a card on FB and email a few letters.
It probably means we won’t get many this year either.

(Sarah Lambert) #13

Well I’ve just written most of them, now the bit I dread is finding the addresses, especially as you must have the postcode before you get to the Post Office apparently- gawd.

I agree with @curiousseagull in a way, they do clutter up the place. My brother and his wife get hundreds, but they also send a lot.

(Jan Ryan) #14

I usually post about 6 and hand deliver approx about 10 or so. I have an address book and it has a section that I use each year for cards I’ve received and cards I’ve sent. I don’t mind writing them, I generally put a personal message in each one. The ones I receive I hang on a ribbon, a bit like bunting. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #15

I told someone that I was just going to send one to everyone I received one from and she said that wasn’t the Christmas spirit at all :confused:

I know you’re supposed to send them to people near you that you think may be alone but we only have tractors and hens around here.

(Liz Clark) #16

I send one to those relatives etc that aren’t on social media, otherwise i donate to the local hospice instead. I did buy some from an artist acquaintance recently and the kids will use them for friends.

(Jan Ryan) #17

A few years ago I worked in a head office with 25 or so people, there was also 30 branches across the country. The amount of cards we were sending and receiving became quite ridiculous, so we all decided to not send cards to each other but to put our card money in a pot, just before the big day we counted it up and there was over £300.00 that we gave to a couple of charities.

(Helen Healey) #18

I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds this a chore. Every year I promise myself I’ll be more organised and every year I end up rushing to get them in the post on the last 1st class posting day before Christmas!

(Jan Ryan) #19

I received my 1st one today, I have mine ready to write out so I’ll be starting them tomorrow. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #20

Aha- I’ve finished my christmas shopping too!! It’s never happened before, but I haven’t wrapped anything yet, except the gifts I gave some visiting relatives who I won’t see again before Christmas.