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How Many Hours Do You Spend Working On Your Folksy Shop?

I was just wondering how many hours you spend working on your Folksy shop on a daily basis. Taking Photos, listing, promoting etc.


In the past I spent upto an hour or so a day checking, maybe editing listings and relisting items.

Listing a new product can take some time. I generally edit and re edit going back to tweak something. I do basic editing tweaks on my photos. Most get taken outdoors due to the light but I am due to re take the majority of the items I list to improve quality. I expect that will take a day or so (not including new listings).

Promoting I couldn’t say, maybe 1/2 hour here or there outside of Folksy. As an experiment I have cut right back on that these last few days to see what changes I would get to my views.

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I don’t feel I’m very efficient with my time, so probably spend too long! I need to retake some product photos, but I need to wait for some child free time as I have the two younger children at home most of the week. I do a lot of social media things and scheduling when I should be sleeping hehe. I probably spend an hour a day per shop and a couple of hours actually making…

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I need to work on my time management, I’ve got a full-time-ish job as well so tend to be evenings and my days off, I’d say I’m spending at least 1-2 hrs a day currently, but my shops is new and I’m doing lots of reading and researching etc.


At the moment quite a bit of time as trying to get my shop known. It’s hard though and still have lots to learn about promoting and networking efficiently.

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Good morning everyone…
I dont spend as much time as i should on my shop :frowning: but do promote as much as i can…at the moment my confidence has taken a bashing so thats an issue just now :’( so listings are very slow but i do need to get going and fill my shop, i need to push myself more :smiley:

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Your shop is lovely have just shared one of your beautiful tealight holders on my Facebook page…every little helps:)

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Thank you :slight_smile: thats very nice of you x

I’m a night owl, and spend a lot of time working on my shop between the hours of 10pm and 3am. I find I’m more productive when working late:) I’m sure I’m in the minority on these hours!

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You’re welcome x

I log on every morning now and I’m trying to list one item a day… but then I go to my ‘E’ shop too, then look at Facebook and Twitter - so all the morning is taken up normally! That then leaves the afternoon to work on new items! :slight_smile:

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I do my any relisting first thing, then post on one social media site only. The next day I post on another social media site it’s easier for me.

I allow 30minutes on the forum.

I then if the light is great take photo’s, upload them to my pc and write a produce description in word.

If I have everything ready then I upload my item and paste and copy my description. if I’m happy I spend about another 30minutes or so posting in the forum and will do one promotion of the new item on one of my social media sites. It usually takes me anything for 10 to 30minutes to catch up on the craftjuice thread.

Then in the afternoons I’ll pop onto the forums for about 30-40minutes

Then it’s working on orders, packing, typing delivery notes, taking items to the post office.

I might pop in again at some point in the evenings.

I think on average I would say I work just over part-time hours on an average week ie when added up about 30 hour week.

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It depends on what else I have to do - in July I take part in a local open studios scheme so I spend time promoting that and since I keep new stock for that I spend some time behind the camera but not as much as if I was going to list the item and I spend much less time at the computer writing listings. However in January I spend quite a lot of time catching up with photographing and listing post christmas replacement stock so spend much more time at the computer working on my shop.
Edited to add - it also depends on how much I don’t want to do the other jobs on my to do list. Its amazing how attractive writing listings seems when faced with the prospect of setting small fiddly stones or how much time I spend putting together a new pinterest board when I should be doing my accounts.

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You sound very organized @EileensCraftStudio:smiley:

Hi spend about 20 minues daily and about once a week, i spend about an hour adding listings etc, i copy and paste my shop elsewhere during that 20 mins a day and check my stats.

I spend at least an hour every morning networking, looking at emails, reorganising my stock etc. Then I spend most of the day sewing and packing up orders. I usually do all of the machine sewing during the day and then pop it into my sewing bag to hand sew and finish off while I’m watching TV. I don’t work every day but I do most days because if I don’t, I can’t keep up with demand and my shop gets low on stock. I do love it though - good job really because it has become a full time job.