Folksy Ltd

I have a sale on! Anyone else with a sale or special offer? xx

(HAZARDious) #1

I have a sale on, whilst i’m trying to downsize the amount of items i sell in my shop, prices starting from 50p!
Do any of you have a special offer or sale on right now? xx

(Roxanne Levy) #2

I have 10% off as it’s my birthday tomorrow.
discount code . birthday10

Will check out your shop too.

(Sue Beacham) #3

Yes I have a couple of items in a sale, go to my sale section, link below

(HAZARDious) #4

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! xx

(Roxanne Levy) #5

Thank you! 21 again!

(Sue Beacham) #6

I have promoted your shop to Twit, FB, PIN, Every where I hope it helps with a sale

(Sue Beacham) #7

Hiya, I have promoted your shop to all my social media, love your Jewellery, have a great day

Sue x

(Pauline Vinall) #8

Hiya I have a sale on pin boards.

(Roxanne Levy) #9

THank you Sue, doing the same for you too.

Love your artwork

(HAZARDious) #10

Oh thankyou, thats very kind i’ll return the love xx

(Andy) #11

I have a sale in my shop.

@HAZARDious Tweeted you sale!

(HAZARDious) #12

Thankyou Andy! I’ll spread your sale about too! xx

(angelawarwickjewellery) #13

CLOSING DOWN SALE!.. Extended to 31st March!..HALF PRICE SALE
My shop will be CLOSING ON Friday 31st March 2017
50% DISCOUNT OFF ALL MARKED PRICES ON ALL ITEMS from now until my shop closes.
Please ENTER THE CODE SALE17 at the checkout when completing your purchase to RECEIVE the DISCOUNT

(Diane Keeble) #14

I have a sale - 25% off with code SPRINGSALE :slight_smile:

(Phoenixprojects) #15

I have a sale until the end of March with 20% off everything in my shop! Just use the code MARCHMADNESS20 at the checkout.

(Karen) #16

50% Off everything in my shop with code MD50 until Monday 27th March

(Phoenixprojects) #17

I have just added more items - the discount code applies to them, too!

(Laura Toal) #18

(Emma) #19

I have a 30% off code running for all of April HAPPY30 :slight_smile:

(Witty Dawn) #20

Bunty here -as a prototype - is much reduced in price !