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I know I'm sad but

I was on the front page just now and it may not mean much to anyone but…its never happened ever, anywhere!!! Brought a smile to my face. Someone hearted my heart! Thank you.


Not sad atal, well done you!!! :smile:

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Its lovely to see your items on the FP - always brings a smile to my face too even though they only stay there for a second or two! :smile:


Aww thanks @Rozcraftz and @planeteventsdirect its the little things. LOL

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Definately not sad! Well done and enjoy the fame! Hope it generates sales for you

Actually @HelenCliffordArt I just got a sale! So happy!


I love it when something from my shop is on the front page, even if it is for a short while :slight_smile:

Its the first time, at least i think so, more than likely never happened before.LOL

Being on the front page is something to savour! Not sad at all :sunny:

Please, allow me to correct you all; this really is VERY sad! Well identified, AH

I make sure i take a screenshot of it and share on my FB page, not sad! well done! x

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Well done :blush: so jealous but really pleased for you

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Ace. Congratulations on both. Steven Bowler - you do make me laugh, keep it up

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Not sad at all! :slight_smile: well done!

If you’re really quick you might find something else on there right now :slight_smile:

Not sure I should bring it to everyone’s attention but… Folksy lets you like your own things (not sure they meant to allow that :slight_smile: ) and if you want to get on the front page then do a bit of liking of a few things and you stand a good chance of making a brief appearance.
You can unlike and do it again if it doesn’t work first time and the beauty isyou can have a separate session of Folksy open to view the front page while you’re liking !

Sometimes it’s good to play ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS there’s another pair there as well now - they stay for about 13-14 minuts once you’ve trapped them !

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Thank @JOYSofGLASS I missed it, was doing the dreaded housework! But thank’s for the photo shot, you are a star!

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Nope, not sad at all. Just been for a month oh around your shop and it looks lovely. You deserve to be spotted on the front page!

Aww thanks @HandbagsbyHelen really nice of you to say.

Congratulations. Not sad at all. When it happened to us, it gave us a real boost and we announced it on FB and Twitter. Excuse to show off! :dancers:

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I actually found out I had a sale from the front page the other day, I looked at the item being ‘bought now’ and thought it looked very similar to one of my things!! I nearly dropped my lap top when I realised it actually was one of my things!!! Never gets old. Happy to join you all in the sad club!! :smile: