Folksy Ltd

Regretfully yours

I’m closing my shop after a long hard look.
I have been here just short of a year & have sold,
3 Items of my Jewellery only.
so just not profitable for me.
So won’t renew and will shut shop

By to all here and happy selling.
hazy daisy

Sorry to hear that…best of luck to you whatever you do next…

Thank you BelaFarCrafts,

May come back some day.

Till then happy selling to you . :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear your shop hasn’t done too well. It can be discouraging when you don’t get the sales you expect. I hope whatever you do next is better for you x

Sorry to hear you’re going. Good luck with the selling :slight_smile:

Thank you and you too. :slight_smile:

Thanks …I have now closed my shop and account.
It took Folksy ages to respond to my final payment to them of £1.62.
so I was 3 days sending urgent msgs,&
waiting for verification of my payment, to close my shop.
Then instead of a "thanks fo your payment & staying with us for a year " msg.
Folksy just closed my shop & account !

I have moved to Etsy global now.

Best of luck to all crafters. I have enjoyed seeing your lovely hand work.

Good luck! such a shame your moving, i’d like to see all uk buyers and sellers right here on folksy! :frowning:

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There seem to have been a few people who are successful on other sites, particularly Etsy, joining Folksy lately. I’m wondering if there’s been a slow down in craft sales generally, not just on Folksy.
Personally, my Etsy shop is dead as a doornail. My Folksy sales are slow at the moment, but my Etsy sales are non-existent.
Good luck with Etsy, anyhow.

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There are alot of conspiracy theories over on etsy if you have a look at their forums. Personally I think there is just so much uncertainty at the moment people aren’t spending. I’ve seen alot of ups and downs, it happens, but people over there, perhaps it’s an American thing, look for the conspiracy which I find rather tiresome x

Sorry to hear you didn’t have the service you expected from our support team. We always aim to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. We’ve looked at what happened here and it seems our support team did respond two hours after the ticket was raised but unfortunately there was an error with your email address so our reply went missing. The other ticket you raised was then closed as we believed we had already responded to it. We have made a note to read all email addresses more thoroughly in future.

We are very sorry that this happened and we’re also sorry to see you go. Good luck with your new shop and let us know if you need anything else.