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I need a card for my husband's 40th

(Claire Davis) #1

I’m looking for a card for my husband’s 40th birthday which is at the beginning of October. He’s into sci fi stuff, think Star Wars, Star Trek, that sort of thing. Also Lord of the Rings and Tolkien stuff, although it probably wants to be one or the other!

Does anyone have anything suitable, or can make me something special please?

Thank you :smile:

(Ronald Koorm) #2

Claire, subjects that you mention are copyright-protected via trademarks and licences, so if you want one of those, make sure who supplies it has the necessary licences. Plenty of shops out there that do, and may even be the odd Folksy seller too. Of course, if you wanted just general sci fi and not directly related to Star Wars or Star Trek or Lord of the Rings images, then there are plenty of choices are out there. I do have a small number of robot images, but not on this website.

(Claire Davis) #3

Hi Ronald, thanks for your advice. I’m aware of the copyright and license issue, I just mentioned star wars etc to give an idea of the sorts of things he’s into. General sci fi would be fine, as would legitimate sellers of trademarked images! Just putting some feelers out to see what’s out there really :smile:
Thanks again.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

Hi I could maybe do something for you but not until the 29th september as shop closed till then. If you are still looking then please get in touch and will show you what I have and they are not copyrighted

(Linda Carter) #5

Hello, I could make him a hand drawn cartoon style card, perhaps in one of your suggested themes, I just need a photo reference to work from x

(Nikki Meara) #6

How about this one:

(Claire Davis) #7

Hello everyone and thanks so much for all your suggestions. I think I have now found what I’m looking for, so thanks again :slight_smile: x x