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Cards please for a 6yr old Grandson quickly please


Having been let down by a seller, I need a card for my 6yr old grandson.
He is very active all the time, loves making things, loves lego and has lots of kits already, loves fast cars,
cycling, Centre Parks, films like Turbo, Planes [Dad is a pilot] Spiderman, Ironman Batman etc

Any ideas please?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

How about?

she also sells them singularly.

(Helen Rollins) #3

I may be able to help, you will need to have a look at my Facebook albums though as I haven’t got round to putting up my kids card listings yet.

I do a range of dinosaurs, I colour them by hand so I can make it as individual as you like.


(Thecardjeanie) #4

Hi Sue,
Just logging on now so you may have already got sorted but…
No lego cards but vintage cars and dinosaurs in my shop. Here are some examples… I can have one in the post to you this evening and can personalize it for you.

Jeanie x

(Stephanie Short) #5

Hiya all my cards are bright and cheerful and can be personalised and customised!
Pop in an have alook,

Can be made into a grandson!


You could have the age six?

Steph x

(Jo Sara) #6

This shop has some great, really different cards -


Thank you all for getting back to me, some great ideas. At the moment I am still looking as he isn’t into dinosaur’s, it’s always difficult finding ‘the one’ but you know when you spot it. Thanks Sasha & JoSara for sending a link to shops.

(Sasha Garrett) #8

Some of her stuff is a bit surreal but if he’s into cycling what about



Ok thank you Sasha…

(Lily Lily Handmade) #10

If not too late, I have this personalised sports car card that you might like:

And this one if he likes football:


Ahh the football card would have been good, yes I forgot he went to soccer tot’s…thank’s Lily I have already found a suitable card now, I have liked yours as it may be ok for his brother.
Thank you everybody for helping me with ideas today, really cross with the original seller left me in the lurch!

(Sally Eira) #12

thanks for the link

(Heidi Meier) #13

Thanks for that - that’s the first time that’s ever happened and I feel a bit chuffed!! :smile: