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Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

(Christine E.) #563

Any of my magnet sets would be good, but particularly this one…

(Su Mwamba) #564

An address book, to help you keep your friends informed of your change of address!

(Helen Healey) #565

A beach huts cushion

(Elizabeth & Chryssanthi) #566


We’ve created a range of mobiles & banners, made from wood and gemstone that would make lovely gifts for the home:

(Ralf Bidder) #567

Hija, not sure if too late but here are some of my heritage bowls turned on a Scandinavian style pole-lathe. I had several people buy the big salad bowls as house warming/ wedding presents. They stand out a bit and breath the air of a craft of the days gone bye. I feel it enhances the warm character of a new home.

I also do salad server and boards and candle holders from reclaimed sleepers. Not all is yet listed in my newly shop ‘Wood Dragon’ but I am on it…

thank you for looking!


(Minerva) #568

Pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

(Christine E.) #569

Lovely coasters…

(Lynn Britton) #570

(Rosesworkshop) #571

A beautiful lampshade to brighten the room.

(UrbanHideout) #572

Hello there - a great item for any house: funny looking post it notes )

(Minerva) #573

Set of colorful coasters…

(Cherie O'Rawe) #574

Wooden heart.

A one of a kind mini cushion.

Or perhaps something a bit unusual. A bird cushion.

(moganddogsquad) #575

What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of cat’s piss!

(Lynn Britton) #576

Warm and cosy lap blanket


A lap blanket, cosy!

(Thimbleville Helen Sinden Creations) #578

How about a teeny bobbin house…Home is where the heart is x

(Sarah Eves) #579

A snoozy fox doorstop.

(Elaine Briars) #580

(Jeanie Hansford) #581

How about this pair of hand stitches acrylic coasters

(Ralf Bidder) #582

‘two hands full’

how about these for house warming.

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