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I'm Back, who? you say lol

Hello, I don’t expect anyone to remember me, but thought I’d say hello as I have spent some time away after a few life crisis meant I couldn’t keep up with all the shops I had and the bead and charm business I used to have. i’m still going through it but I’ve now gone back to my roots and am doing full time arts and crafts with an emphasis on recycling and upcycling. It’s keeping me sane :slight_smile:


Hello Sharon :wave:

HI, welcome back :slight_smile:

Hiya - sorry you’ve been having such a hard time lately. Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome back Sharon. I remember buying buying charms from you in the past.

Hope things settle down for you soon.

Welcome back Sharon.

Welcome back Sharon

Hi Sharon, welcome back to folksy :tropical_drink::+1::blush::laughing: I will go promote your items to boost your shop sweetie :+1:
Sue x

welcome back x

Thanks everyone, it’s the forum I’m finding hardest to get my head round weirdly…lol…

I remember you :grinning: HELLO