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I'm looking for a certain colour of fabric

I’m looking for either a meter or a fat quarter of white cotton fabric with a Christmas star or snowflake print in silver or something Christmassy. Can anyone help. Something like this.

Hi PaulinesCrafts,

Have you tried ebay?
I seem to remember seeing xmas style fat quarters on there.

Best of luck with that.

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Assuming none of the shops on here have what you’re after have a look at plushaddict - they currently have a number of fabrics with snowflakes or stars but the closest to your photo is unfortunately on organza.

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I did see some of the organza ribbon your talking about on eBay @SashaGarrett but I think I may have found one now just need a contrast fabric.

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Yeah I spent almost 2 hours going through hundreds of pages but I think I’ve found one that could be suitable.
Thank you anyway

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Glad you found what you wanted.

I fed snowflake patterned fabric into ebay search and got snowflake pattern immediately.
However I had no idea what fabric or size you needed.
I downloaded the pic of it but didn’t realise that you can’t upload a pic here.
I have no idea how to send a link either :slight_smile:

If al else fails, could you buy white cotton and a snowflake stamp use glittery embossing powder and heat emboss the snowflakes onto it?

That’s OK @hazydaisy I’ve bought one from eBay.