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I'm promoting my watercolour painting

(Pamela West) #1

I’m promoting my art. Here is one of my watercolour paintings. I also have several acrylic paintings for sale as well

(Inner Bee) #2

That really is stunning, well done! xx

(Stephanie Guy) #3

That’s lovely Pamela, come and join us on the art chat thread :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

That is lovely Pam, why not post your pictures in the Art Gallery thread and as Stephie says show and chat in the weekly art chat …


(Trevor Harvey) #5

That’s really nice Pamela - please do join us in the art thread!

(Pamela West) #6

I cant get the copy and pasting to work to show my picture. I tried putting in the URL of the actual image and that didnt work. I then tried pasting the URL at the top but that didnt work either.
Is anybody else having problems? I did what was suggested in a post on the forum
Pam xxxx