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Is anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa?


This is something I’ve seen done on the “other side” and wondered if you guys would like to try it?
This is how it works.

  1. Send me a message with your name and address
  2. I’ll pop your names in a hat, and draw them out. I’ll send you the details of who your secret santa will be.
  3. Choose something from your shop with a price limit of say £10 (would that be ok?)
  4. Send you gift and wait for yours to arrive :santa:
    I will leave this thread open until the beginning of December and if we get enough takers I’ll let you all know and send all the details out.
    Donna x

(CopperTobi) #2

‘Other side’ hihihi!!! I played this last year there and cannot wait for this year :slight_smile: We’re calling this Sneaky Santa :slight_smile:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

Sounds very interesting. Think I like the idea of this too.