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Just Hit 200 Sales :)

(Midnight Star Designs) #1

Just reached 200 sales in my shop, cant quite believe it, very happy dancing here :slight_smile:

(Dawn Sneesby) #2

Well done Colleen, congratulations and well deserved.

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(sejleather) #3

Well done, I’m happy dancing for you, lol! :wine_glass:

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(Tina Martin) #4

Well done, congratulations! :smile:

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(CopperTobi) #5

Well done :slight_smile: Congratz!!

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(Ali Joyce) #6

Wow - congratulations x

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(Lynn Britton) #7

Congratulations - it feels wonderful doesn’t it. :grinning:

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(Deborah Jones) #8

Big congrats Colleen :confetti_ball:

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( Valerie Dockerty) #9


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(Midnight Star Designs) #10

Thanks everyone, very much appreciated :smile:

(Linda Wild) #11

Congratulations Colleen, well done!

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(lisa wylie) #12

Congratulations!. How long have you been selling on folksy! Well done. Lisa :smile:

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(Helen Healey) #13

:grinning: Congratulations and well done!!

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(Pauline Vinall) #14

Well done keep up the good work

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(Midnight Star Designs) #15

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:

@lisainfinity Lisa 3 years so it has taken me a while! xx