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Last Market of the year

(Kate Turner) #1

I did my last market of the year.
We did a lot better than I thought we would as I assumed everyone would have brought all their pressies

So we have closed 2014 with a bit of a bang

Very happy little person

I hope the year has been good to you all

Kate :cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Well done to you.
My last fair was a couple of weeks back. I didnt feel like I did too well but i think I made a small profit. Plus its made me think about the rest of the yar, I think il try to sell at some local vintage fairs.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Glad you did well.

I fancy doing some easter or summer fairs for a change, something like Latitude would be great but I dread to thing how much a stand would be.

(Kate Turner) #4

I now have three regular farmers markets a month. Two inside and one outside (the best one on our village green).
The maximum I pay for my pitch is Β£12.
I look at Kent craft fairs and pick the ones I fancy doing. I do regularly the vintage fair even though my items are
Not vintage its bright and colourful and they seem to love me going their. I think I have managed about 14 since the beginning of
October and it’s paid off, getting customers coming back regularly now. Had a lady with a maternity shop purchase my items to go in her shop.
So lots of hard work, late night sewing has paid off.

Good luck with any of the options that you pick

Kate xx