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Leather journal / sketch book wanted for graduation gift

(Adropofsilver) #1

I am looking for a leather journal for my daughters graduation in 3 weeks time.
I am looking for a brown leather handmade book with lined and plain pages that can be taken on her travels.
If it could be a5 or smaller and a wrap around tie to close.
Does anybody do this at all please?
Many thanks

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Have you seen this shop? Maybe it has something suitable?

(Adropofsilver) #3

Thank you Margaret, I have sent them an email and the ball is now rolling, really kind of you .

(Susan Bonnar) #4

I have bought a leather journal from here

It was personalised and very special - thoroughly recommend.

(Margaret Jackson) #5

Glad to be of help! :smile:

(Helen Clifford) #7

But that’s not on Folksy, so you won’t be going there, will you :slight_smile: !!