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Ideas for a new Gifts for Writers guide

We’re looking for suggestions for a new Gifts for Writers guide. Please leave your suggestions with a link to the item below.

As always, we’re looking for the right products for the theme but also good product shots, so nice clear photos, that are in focus and fill the whole square crop without frames, special effects or large watermarks.

I’m not known for my penwomanship but I might be tempted if I had a journal like this to write in


Journal with removeable patchwork cover



Alternatively cover any notebook with


And my handwriting might look better if I wrote with one of these

but I doubt it.


Just sold but have plans for Pen pots x


Very nice. I’m working on a pen holder but just a WIP at mo. :blush:

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Writing materials:

Stickers for snail mail:

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Any of the Christmas Tree Ornaments can have child’s name added to celebrate a child’s birth

Goodness knows how I put them here! Was meant to be on the baby 1st Christmas guide, now I can’t see how to delete them…argh senior moments:(

small unicorn journal charm for spiral bound notebooks:

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A couple of my journals / notebooks …

Can I just submit this for your consideration :blush:

Can hold pens, pencils, brushes, quills! Good for writers or artists I think

Harris Tweed notebook with purple quill in free machine embroidery

A5 ‘Write’ notebook -

Glasses/phone case with quotes about writing -
Sorry don’t know why pictures aren’t appearing

This covered notebook is ideal