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Listed Items For Christmas ,who's excited?

Love getting ready for Christmas in every aspect ! Got a special project on hopefully finished soon! Then I’ll list it.Made Ribbon Wreaths ,Lined Stockings ,Gorgeous Patchwork Quilts and Cushions .
Feel free to check them out :smile::smile:

Yes, starting to get excited too! I don’t make much in the way of Christmas items but I’m feeling the urge - love your ribbon wreaths :smiley:

I don’t dread Christmas but I know there are some very long and busy (and profitable) days at markets between now and then so its hard to get excited. Nothing says christmas quite like pitching a gazebo in the gloom with frost crunching under your feet hoping that your elf brings a hot water bottle as well as the thermos of tea.


Gorgeous items Linda @Lindaleonard I’m loving the ribbon wreaths.
Hope you sell well

I’m excited to say I have been busy designing a new collection of gift items for the Christmas season

The first of which has just been uploaded onto Folksy…

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I don’t make a lot different from my stock items ,but my Ribbon Wreaths went wel and very therapeutic to make ! Thank you Angela :smile:

Thank you Lynne ,

You must do more markets than I do ,tend to stick to indoor and one or two outside at Christmas ! Good luck and keep warm Sasha :smile:

Love your tea light holders very unique .Good luck :smile:

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I’m so looking forward for this Christmas! I’ll be moving into my new house and our business is becoming really popular (just a shame about our lack of sales on folksy this last two months)
We’ve taken some of last year’s best sellers and expanded the ranges, this pendant is one of my favourites and I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone special :slight_smile: