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Looking for a ceramic button

(Helen Dale) #1

Anyone know of anyone who makes ceramic buttons. I’m looking for a bird button. Any suggestions? I’d prefer to buy from folksy if I can.

(Absolutely Clay) #2

I haven’t any ready but I could make you one. Ceramics takes while because it needs firing twice and I’d have to have a kiln full of things - which I nearly have! Would you want it flat or slightly bulky and about what size and colour?
Please feel free to check out my shop.

All the best,
Juliet x

(Elaine) #3

I had a freebie ceramic button from Dottery Pottery with an order I placed one time so she may be able to help:


(Helen Dale) #4

Hi Julie
Just checking if you got my reply? I’m not quite sure I have the hang of the various forum bits yet!

(Charlotte Hupfield) #5


I make ceramic buttons. There is one available in my Folksy shop at the moment (lace impressed heart), but more available on my website:

I can list any of these buttons on Folksy if preferred.

Charlotte :smile:

(Helen Dale) #6

Thanks Charlotte. I was looking specifically for a bird button his time. But now I know you make buttons too I’ll mark your page for future reference. I’m sure I’ll be back!