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Love knots

Have you any gorgeous makes in your shops that feature love knots or knots of any type? Perhaps traditional carving or textile work? Or perhaps ceramics or jewellery?

This is your chance to showcase your romantic love knots…

I have one to kick us off - this is solid sterling silver and would make a lovely, romantic gift.

Please add your knot items below and let us all share the love x :hearts: x


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Bump! Please show us all your knots - I know you are out there and would like some promotion!


This is as close as I get to knots unless you count pearls knotted onto silk, it would probably turn into a big granny knot if you pulled the ends rather than a love knot

Beautiful Sasha - I have ‘loved’ it, so it should have its moment in the sun on the front page. Thank you for joining in the thread.