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Love returned

(gemma turner) #1

Hello everyone I thought it would be a good idea to get those loves boosted.

So here is how it works. Really easy and simple. Post one of your items you would like to get the most love on. Then simply love as many other posts as you can.

I will start the thread with my unique button canvas. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

(gemma turner) #2

(Jan Ryan) #3

Good morning Gemma, I’d love my Unicorn Painting to get a bit more love :heart::unicorn::heart::heart:
I’ve been over to your shop and ‘loved’ your Button Tree x I’ll keep popping back and visiting other shops x

(gemma turner) #4

Aw wow this is beautiful. Will pop over and send some love. Thank you.

(Carrie ) #5

I tend to :heart: work that I instantly love, from seeing it while casually browsing or when it pops up as a recent posting. I ‘like’ the work before taking any notice of who’s made it and I find later that I’m liking the same crafters often - just because I love what they’re making!
Someone recently ‘liked’ everything in my shop which, while that’s a nice thing, does make me wonder if they really did love everything :grin:

(Sanad00 (Bloomin Gorgeous) ) #6

(Thecardjeanie) #7

(Minerva) #8

These love hearts would like some…love!

Off to visit above shops and give some love…