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Love Squirrel!

Lets see your Squirrel items…

Red Squirrel, A4 watercolour painting.


I have a love hate relationship with squirrels - I hate them when they bury filbert nuts in my flower beds but I love them when they eat my chilli coated bird nuts (feel the burn you little furry #!@*%s, trust me the results are comical and worth it).
I might love them more if they looked like this one by @FatSquirrelPhotography or indeed the one in your painting

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Thank you! @SashaGarrett The red squirrels are adorable. I’ll have to visit them again.

I have two squirrels in my shop. First up is Sir Henry!

Then there is Cedric, sheltering under his oak leaf.

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Gorgeous painting!

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As you may know, I love squirrels and love photographing them. Here are some of my most popular greeting cards.

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