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Made in Essex

Essex is a fantastic county, with varied scenery and coastline, inspiring many artists and craftspeople. Show your best Essex gear here!!

And here I am again in my other guise!

We are also based in Essex and agree that it is a great inspirational place for crafting. There is lots of country craft fairs to visit and here are some of our favourite pieces from our store.

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I’m about 11 miles from the Essex border in Cambridge - can I join?

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Yes!! @SashaGarrett. Essex is a very welcoming place!

I spent 4 and a bit years working in Harlow seeing quite a lot of Essex in that time so I know how lovely it can be (less so on the grey mornings but that is true of everywhere). Sticking with ‘not quite made in Essex’ some of the fordite I use has come from Ford’s Dagenham car plant which is just over the border in London and it probably travelled through Essex to get to me.

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Hi, I am in Leigh-on-sea near sunny Southend, I think I’m so lucky to live here, beach, country and liveliness all so close!

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I agree @Myhandycrafts - we are lucky as we are near to London but also near to some gorgeous coastline and countryside both in our county and further afield in East Anglia too. Best of both worlds! Looking forward to seeing who else makes in Essex! :slight_smile:

Anyone else in Essex? :beach_umbrella: