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Made in Berkshire

Hi everyone, this is for all creatives in Berkshire to share their lovely items, so feel free to join in. Really hoping that I’m not the only one from Berkshire here :grinning:

I’m Tina from Daisywings, creating original art, prints, cards & stationery.

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Im a Berkshire gal,
Im Clare, I make sewn, soldered and printed items,…

…I also make jewellery, all at reduced prices as beaded jewellery is something I won’t be making anymore.

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Hello Berkshire Girls - that makes 3 of us so far then :grinning: (edit) - I’m Shaz by the way.

I make creatures mostly. Sock creatures, crochet creatures, various textile items and quite a few accessories. Looking forward to seeing the Berkshire list grow.

Yay! another Folksy person from good old Berkshire. Hi Clare, welcome to the thread, love your shop, full of really great and unique items. :wave: :slight_smile:

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Oh! great another Berkshire Folksy person. Hi, welcome and I thought I was going to be all alone :slight_smile: Love the items in your shop Shaz, particularly love the Snowmen. Great to meet you.

Hi Tina, thanks for the thumbs up on my shop. I just nipped over to look at your shop and can see that you’re already in my ‘favourites’ list. Your drawings are lovely - you have a really delicate style. Looking forwarding to seeing how many more join the thread. Happy weekend.

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Aw thank you, yes be great to see some more :slight_smile: