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May Queens Daily Listing Challenge Club! 19th to 25th May!

(Natalie Ofkants) #1

Good morning to the May Queens Daily listers and to all those taking part! Here’s to a month where sales are blossoming for us all and we have a fabulous and eventually sales filled month for all!

Please don’t forget to view each others items in situ in their shops, to ensure we have good viewing figures for our items and most importantly, let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate with you.

Please remember to post a link of your item in the thread, or clickable picture if you prefer. If we have a direct link, it makes it easier for us to look at your items.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the months sales. Please let me know if I miss any.

Sorry! Only folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

There is a Flickr group for a collective of all the folksy daily listing groups, so join in with this too please:

Twitter hashtag, for you twitter users is #folksygifts or #newonfolksy

For those wishing to repin, Shirley has kindly given her Pinterest board and the link is:

The collective reported tally for the May Queens by the end of yesterday was 226 Sales

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is going list!

Collective Sales Tally

jazzyjane1 x 7
Beadstromjewellery x 10 (edited 8.56pm)
Lampworkbeadsbyjo x 41 (edited 8.59pm)
Silverspiral x 2
Cariadcrafts11 x 4
Thecardjeanie x 3
Pipdesigns x 10
WorldofCards x 5
StephShortStationary x 22 (edited 8.56pm)
StephShortSupplies x 24
Bagsofelegance x 1
RedDevilCrafts x 13 (edited 10.34pm)
LizDyson x 16
Valerie x 11 (edited 3.25pm)
Midnightstardesigns x 1
Glehcar x 2
FromJoanCards x 3
StephanieGuy x 13
NOfkantsCurios x 2
Abyjem x 6
SilentCompanions x 5
JAustenJewelleryDesigns x 6 (edited 9.47pm)
Knittingtopia x 7
Paperchainsandbeads x 16
WhimseyWooDesigns x 8
Thebeadedgarden x 2
Dawitchi x 1
RozCraftz x 3
bluedaisyglass x 2
AdienCrafts x 1

Total sales: 248 (edited 10.34pm 25.05.14)

Natalie x

(Natalie Ofkants) #2

Good morning May Queens!

This morning I ah be a really pretty fossil Trimble stone keyring, or handbag charm, maybe a perfect gift for Father’s Day or for a teachers gift, especially a geology teacher.

Natalie x

(Sandra Taylor) #3

Good morning. I hope you all had a lovely weekend out in the sun.

I have another sale to add to the tally please.

Here are my two new listings for today;

Back later to catch up x

(Wendy Lincoln) #4

Almost posted to the wrong thread!

Clicked pinned loved to here x

Decorating today my (self imposed) deadline of the end of the summer term is fast approaching so need to focus

Wedding Day card with red rosebuds

(Rachel) #5

Wow 190 sales thats amazing, well done to you all. Only a relist for me this morning, but will be on later to favourite everyone’s items.


(Brenda Cumming) #6

morning all…lovely work…lovely weather too…
Just listed a bluebell glitter miniature painting

(Apryl Brincklow) #7

Morning.Sorry Natalie but I think I’ve been missed off the tally only 1 but it’s a start!

(Silverspiral) #8

Morning another glorious day and today I’m feeling blue the colour blue not the condition lol

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Jax x

( Carol ) #9

Good morning.

Have caught up with all the love and pinning to here.

(Stephanie Short) #10

morning everyone,
hope you are all well,

didn’t get here yesterday, just don’t know where yesterday went!!

Had a browse through yesterdays but not todays and still need to finish of on pins.

i’m in supply shop at moment, feel like i’ve neglected it!!

Anyway here’s my new listing for some heart shapes

Cameron is really stress today, I just think all the exams and revision etc is just getting to him.
He’s been fine all last week but i suppose they all have to reach a point where they get really fed up!! He has three today :frowning:
Off to hospital today with hubby he has to have a scan on his foot :frowning:

@Glehcar Rachel, I thought that was you passing through and waving!! Hope you had a lovely time with your daughter :smile:
Natalie, I’ve also got a sale to report for supply tally, thanks, and thanks to @daisycrazy
Anyway catch up later, Steph xx

(René Trewern) #11

Good morning

Posy Vase from me today

(Shirley Woosey) #12

Good morning all.

My listing for today:

Off to do some hearting and pinning.

Shirley x

(Maureen Brazier) #13

Morning everyone - another lovely one - promised myself a quieter day today - didn’t feel too good yesterday = joints really achy and fingers quite painful. As much as I like warm weather it always affects my arthritis - I am always worse in hot weather than cold - odd aren’t I.

A couple of pretty heirloom lavender sachets this morning - they smell gorgeous.Lavender dried from my garden although this is last years pick - this years haven’t been picked and dried yet. I have pinned, tweeted and loved and will be back later to do a bit more - have a lovely day - Maureen

(Liz Dyson) #14

Morning all, Clicked, pinned and loved to here. It’s one of those days today where you can’t settle down to anything - I don’t want to do anything and I don’t want to do nothing. Perhaps it’s time for a cuppa?

A quick relist whilst I try and get myself sorted to list something new - hopefully back later.

I love the colours in that lovely little baby beanie.


(Saltmarshandsamphire) #15

Morning everyone - hope you all enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend!

We have a little bit of the coast to share with you this morning.

I will be back later on to catch up on the threads that I have missed.


(Jacqueline Austen) #16

Hi everyone. Such lovely sunshine here today. I am sure it is helping me to feel better. Again, more re-lists and some more de-stash. I plan to try and make some new pieces this week as I am on the mend.

Detsash in a mo!

Jacqueline x

(Jacqueline Austen) #17

Destash for you now:

All clicked and caught up to here. Hope you feel better soon, Maureen.

Jacqueline x

(Stephanie Guy) #18

@StephShortSupplies Steph I feel your pain - we’re going through AS level stress with the youngest and A level stress with the eldest. All we can do is provide a calm environment and a shoulder to lean/cry on throughout.

Here’s mine for today

And I have 2 more sales to report, total now 15.

(Liz Dyson) #19

Yes, we’re also doing A levels. It’s a stressful time at the moment - Joanna is studying like mad and I’m trying to sort though 15 years of accumulated rubbish to get ready for the move, whenever that might be. In fct, I should be doing that right now, but can’t settle to anything.


The last thing I posted showed the shopping trolley, but this one doesn’t. It would seem that I have to log out every single time I post something if I want my trolley to be there - what a pain in the bum!

(Stephanie Guy) #20

Yikes Liz, you have a house move on top of A levels? Major stress! A cuppa or 10 is definitely in order.

I’ve just noticed my trolley has gone too :confused: