May Weekly Listings and Promotions 4th - 10th May

I am going to London today to see my two daughters one a doctor the other a beautician. I don’t get to see them often as I live in Cornwall, looking forward to it. I won’t be listing anything this week.
Have pinned all these lovely items to here.


Hi Laura can’t pin your lovely earrings as the link back to your shop is not working.

Enjoy your day Teresa !
Steph xx

I’ve just listed and
Have a look at the rest of my things enter link description here


Hi everyone, I’m back!!
I’ve had a lovely weekend without my girls…they’ve both been off to Brownie camp, one as a sixer, and the other as a young leader…Just started on all the lovely washing…eerrgghhh!!!
I hope you have a lovely day with your daughters today Teressa!! Enjoy!!
I have finally got round to some more photography and have listed six owl keyrings as teachers gifts, and will be listing six as lavender bags too so I thought I’d show you them one at a time and spread them out!! me an excuse to keep popping back online to view and post the lovely items on here!!
Here’s the first…

My fav color!! Off to FB
Claire xx


Hi Claire, I can’t click on your items to view. Try looking on this page, it explains how to post clickable images… Posting images that link to an item page
Claire xx

Hi All

Claire, your owl is so cute, I have sent him out into cyberspace via my Pinterest board

Here’s one I listed this week… just can’t seem to stop making these at the moment…

Hope you’re all enjoying the good (well, not bad for May) weather



Have pinned all your lovely items.
Have a fab time Teresa.
I’ve added this button ring

Lynn x


Sterling silver earrings

Karen xx


Evening everyone - hope you’re OK. The week is running away with me again

Lovely listings - stunning colours in your necklace & love your little owl Claire
Hope you had a great time in London Teresa

Some new earrings from me

Sue x

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Pinned up to here - lovely earrings Karen and Sue.
Lynn x


Hiya everyone, hope all is well!
Haven’t read through and I’ll be back to pin soon
Just relisted this card today

Steph x

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Thank you Carol

Hi all,
Pretty card Steph!
Lovely earrings Sue and Karen!!
That’s a gorgeous button Lynn!
Love your necklace Carol!
Here’s owl No 2…

Claire xx


oh my I’ve so much pining to catch up with.

I have some large vintage buttons to day

<img height=“350"src=”>"

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Morning all.
Have pinned all your goodies - super card Steph, love the owl Claire, lovely buttons Eileen.
Have just relisted this

Lynn x


Pined and tweeted and off to try wanelo!

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Hope you are all ok,
Just popping in to say all lovely listings pinned and faved to here.

Loving the owls Claire!! I’m so jealous of your crochet skills, I still haven’t knuckled down to learn myself !!

I’ve been all out of routine this week, hurt my rib and finding it hard to keep on top of daily chores, work etc.
I was managing ok with the pain but last night it was horrendous and it’s not much better this morning:(
However I’m hoping to get back with my listing later,

Steph xx

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oh no Steph I hope you’re rib starts improving if not see the doc hun.

Great picture Roz

Lynn I’ve just google+ and wanelo your lovely blanket

Here is my offering to day a card

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Thanks Eileen, I’ve been to the primary care centre and they had a ‘feel’ and said it was the cartilage that runs underneath the rib cage that I’d bruised, but to be honest I don’t think it could be anymore painful if it was broke!!

Here’s mine today a new collage card which can be personalised or any greeting added and colours changed:)

Catch up later, Steph xx