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Most popular viewed product of the week


Mine was another bear!! Thank you for looking!

(Kim Blythe) #1672

This embroidered tote bag is mine this week

(Debby Coatham) #1673

Awww he’s a lovely bear

(Mandie Bailey) #1674

My lady with her eyes shut is my most viewed

(TheGlassArk) #1675


My most popular item of the week is a bit cheesy…


The most popular item this week was

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1678

Thank you everyone who loved this hottie,

(Mandie Bailey) #1679

This lariat necklace

(Pauline Hayward) #1680

(Lucy Reynolds) #1681

A photography print was my most popular listing this week:

I took the photograph in Crantock Bay, Cornwall.

(Faye Lamb) #1682

This is not just the most popular of the week, but the most favourites of all time too.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1683

This week it was my new green Lace heart Hottie that was the most popular item in my shop, thank you everyone who loved it, and thanks folksy for adding it to your favourites too XX

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1684

Glad to have introduced this colour way, as it is the most loved item in my shop for the second week running, thank you everyone who :green_heart:it XX

(TheGlassArk) #1685

It was my wreath

(Kmt) #1686

my watercolour

(Ruth ) #1687

Most popular

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1688

For the 3rd week running, my green Lace heart hottie was the most loved item in my shop, thank you everyone who :green_heart:it XX


My most popular card was the snowdrops ,thank you…they are looking beautiful in the garden at the moment!!

(Mandie Bailey) #1690

One of my ‘face’ necklaces got the most views