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My 1st sale on Folksy!

(fancyknittles) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m so excited to get my first sale here! WOW!!!
Great feeling! DO you remember it? :grinning:

(Quillextra) #2

Well done, may you have many more.

(fancyknittles) #3

Thank you so much!

(Lisa Harrison) #4

Congrats! Fab news

(LynnroseDesigns) #5

Fabulous news x

(Helen Healey) #6

Congratulations! Yes, it’s certainly a great feeling.

(Oh Button Me) #7

Yay congrats to you such a great feeling

(Diane Keeble) #8

well done! I love your items x

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

Congratulations and well deserved, your shop is lovely.

(Jennie Mead) #10

Well done! I love your little Christmas trees :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #11

Congratulations!! It’s a great feeling…I still feel the same with every sale!


(Louise Foot) #12

I remember that feeling … your items are really lovely,( I hearted a brooch…) I think this sale could be the first of many. Congratulations!!

(Sally Eira) #13

congratulations - you work is so lovely.

(Liz Clark) #14

Congratulations! They are seriously cute! I love the mini cactus. Add in the tag kawaii too - I know that’s a popular search term. Here’s to many more :grinning:

PS Also worth adding them to this thread :

(fancyknittles) #15

Thanks a lot!!!

(fancyknittles) #16

Thank everybody for such a pleasant words!!!
I should add more items and work harder :grinning:
I promise to come to every shop in my thread and heart what I love in your shops :wink:


(fancyknittles) #17

Love your birds!!! They are all one better another! :heart:

((Lizzycraft)) #18

That’s brillain’t :smiley:

(proggyandtweed) #19

Congratulations! I’m new here and still waiting to experience the feeling.
I love your little trees😊

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #20

I Favorited one of your trees the other day, I love them, very unusual. :smile: